Our goal is innovative and effective deliverables that grab the attention of your target market and showcases your brand in its best light. We strive to create the kind of results that will make our clients do a happy dance.








As a child, I wanted to be MacGyver when I grew up. Now, as a CSU Monterey Bay graduate of International Business and Marketing, I have become a well-traveled bookworm who makes literary bombs out of bubblegum, shoelaces, and a paperclip. Not quite the MacGyver I had in mind, but at least this way I don't have to rock a mullet (although, I unfortunately did so as a kid).

As the VP of Operations at Squiber I'm a woman who wears many hats- from project management to programming, copywriting to daily business operations; just to name a few. My main goal is to ensure we run as efficiently and effectively as possible, while providing our clients with the best design services in the industry. In addition to being fluent in Spanish (¡hola!) I also know PHP, CSS, and HTML (the languages of computer nerds). In my rare spare time I'm a constant daydreamer of my future worldly travels, eat delicious bacon-flavored food, and enjoy being on any beautiful Northern California lake with a rope in hand and wakeboard strapped to my feet.

Kathryn Medina


Twenty-ten started off with a bang... I lost my job! I joked with a friend over coffee that the market was so bad I might just start my own business. Eight months later, that coffee shop conversation turned into a reality. At Squiber LLC, I work closely with our clients developing responsive websites that drive new business opportunities and overall company growth.

Professionally, my love for tech and customer satisfaction continues to grow. At Flatter World Inc., I am the Director of Public Relations. Since joining the company in 2012, we have partnered with Hewlett Packard, become the #1 publisher in the Edmodo app store, and created seven applications for teachers and students.

When I'm not creating websites with Squiber LLC or developing apps for kids with Flatter World Inc., you can find me brewing beer, spending time with my family, traveling the world with Flat Stanley, or learning a few new languages (HTML and Mandarin).

Robert Hernandez


Early in my career I had aspirations to start my own company and that dream became a reality in 2011 when I was able to quit my day job and concentrate on Squiber LLC and Flatter World full-time. My goal with Squiber LLC is to help small businesses fight back, creating responsive websites and kick ass branding to help them reach their online goals. Our team is the best in the business and our vision is clear, stay tuned as we reshape the way businesses are viewed in a predominantly online and ever increasing mobile environment. Along side my role at Squiber LLC I am the C.E.O. (Chief Flat Stanley Officer) and Co-Founder of Flatter World Inc. Flatter World is the top education app publisher on the Edmodo Platform also releasing top 25 apps in the iTunes app store. Our goal is to change the way kids interact and have fun with the new technologies they love while helping them learn. I have a passion for making great user interfaces that are easy to use and effective for business goals.

When I am not working, you can usually find me wakeboarding, playing my guitar, or riding ski lifts. Sunny downtown Campbell is my home and I am often out and about enjoying the nightlife, morning coffee and an occasional El Guapo's Burrito.

Jeff Pearsall